Spring in Bloom

5:24 PM

Spring is in full bloom and I am waiting for my flowers to bloom!
I planted them a month ago and the sprouts are coming up so fast.
Waiting around for some buds to appear I wanted to share some amazing spring inspired Floral Blooms for your planners!

Pink and Cream Roses 


Cat, I'm a Kitty Cat Planner Stickers

2:02 PM

Happy Monday!
It's time for another freebie!

Free Download Erin Conderen Happy Planner Sticker Sheet

Oh fun times for kitty lovers! For the past few days I've had this song stuck in my head and I bet you will find yourself singing along to it too after awhile.

Sorry for that, but you get a free sticker sheet download for being awesome and watching it!
Download them here
Page 1
  | Page 2
You can upload the images to Cricut Design Space and it will cut them out for you!
This will make your sticker loving habit so much fun!


Mother's Day Cards and Planner Stickers Free

2:03 PM

Who doesn't love the FREE word?! I know it's a favorite for me and I wanted to share with you some amazing free things from not only Sticker Party Co. but from Cricut as well!

First I'm happy to share with you an adorable little free printable just for you!!
With Spring in full bloom here in New England, I thought these beautiful, bright, and bold full box planner stickers would bring a colorful joy to the next few weeks!
With a little more than a month and a half left for school for Miss Imy I have started making plans for Summer fun. I'm sure we will get in tons of beach days for all of us and some friends so I am feeling a little nautical inspiration coming on.
Just download, print on sticker paper and cut as needed!

Some more crafty designs with out Cricut Machine

I have had the pleasure of working on Cricut's Design Space* creating which has been extremely helpful with my DIY hobby.
I am working on some Mother's Day cards and Cricut has 10 of them for your to make FREE! Oh yes I did say FREE!
They are super adorable and I rather enjoied making a few of them for the lovely ladies I have in my life.
You can find the 10 Free Mother's Day Cards HERE*
I have made two off this list so far and I must say we cannot forget those grandmothers and nana's out there in the world!

Need a super cool hybrid for your card and gift this year?
This next project will have you jumping for joy!!

Also I decided to have a little fun with my 12x12 cardstock I picked up from Joann's a few months ago!! I just fell in LOVE with this cardstock pack because it had just snowed and I wanted a pop of color and summer in the house.
So if you find outself out I do suggest picking this up!

You can find the direct link to this project HERE*I opted to add a flower to the flap to hide the way it closes. As you can sort of see I added a few things inside to start organizing the die cuts I've made.
Materials needed for this project:
  • Cricut Machine
  • Cricut Standard Grip Cutting Mat
  • Cardstock (with pattern of your choice)
  • Scoring Stylus [currently on sale HERE*]
  • Glue
The folding/gluing is pretty easy to do and in no time you will have an amazing little box envelope for your mothers day card and gift!
Until next time crafters - Make sure to share some pictures with me as I love to see what you make!

*Affiliate link (if you make a purchase, I make a commission; thanks!)

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